Neuro Balance Therapy Review: Is It Worth Your Money and Time?

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review

Observe the remarkable spectacle of a septuagenarian exulting in mirth as he observes his companions wrestling with the challenges of balance. Though it may evoke a sense of disbelief, allow me to assure you that this extraordinary phenomenon owes its existence to none other than the pioneering Neuro Balance Therapy—a groundbreaking 10-second exercise regimen devised by the visionary Dr. Chris Wilson. Endowed with the capacity to effect profound transformations and avert catastrophic falls, this therapy stands poised to revolutionize lives.

Consider this startling fact: countless individuals experience falls daily, with over two million unfortunate incidents occurring each year. Astonishingly, this predicament extends beyond older people, as younger men in their thirties and forties also fall victim to this disconcerting trend. It becomes apparent, therefore, that age alone cannot solely be attributed to the root cause; rather, experts posit that dormant nerves in the feet lie at the heart of the matter.

If you have ever experienced a fall, the disheartening truth is that the likelihood of it happening again is alarmingly high. The presence of these dormant nerves raises your susceptibility to falls by a staggering 20 percent. Disturbingly, even some purportedly knowledgeable fitness trainers remain unaware of this critical aspect, potentially exacerbating the problem rather than addressing it.

However, take solace in the fact that we have meticulously explored this therapeutic approach and can attest to its efficacy. Consequently, we present to you the unadulterated truth regarding the rekindling of your stamina and the vital strategies for sidestepping future stumbles. Prepare to embark on a journey towards renewed vigor and liberation from the perils of tripping.

What is Neuro Balance Therapy

Neuro Balance Therapy represents a groundbreaking program meticulously designed to address nutritional concerns and enhance balance, strength, and bodily stability. Functioning as a vestibular rehabilitation regimen, its primary objective is to mitigate the gradual occurrence of tripping and falling that commonly accompanies the aging process. Comprising a concise set of daily balance exercises, this therapeutic approach aims to reactivate and rejuvenate the peroneal nerve located in the feet. Dr. Chris Wilson, having conducted specific tests, affirms that this nerve plays a pivotal role in the regulation of lower body muscles.

Furthermore, the therapy effectively revitalizes dormant nerves, thereby reinstating stamina, strength, and agility, ultimately leading to a reduced likelihood of falling. Driven by personal experiences of witnessing his own family’s struggles with mobility issues, Dr. Wilson undertook the endeavor of formulating this program. His profound motivation culminated in the creation of a therapy poised to assist individuals in surmounting the challenges posed by muscle weakness.

Comprising a series of gentle and accessible exercises suitable for home-based implementation, the program necessitates no sophisticated equipment. A sturdy chair and a nerve-stimulating spike ball are the sole requisites, provided as part of the package upon purchase. Dr. Wilson has thoughtfully categorized the exercises into three proficiency levels: beginners, intermediates, and experts, facilitating personalized progress for all participants.

Consistency in executing these exercises is pivotal to achieving optimal outcomes. Notably, the program extends its benefits beyond individuals grappling with mobility issues, appealing to anyone seeking to enhance overall bodily stability and avert falls. Through reactivation of the peroneal nerve, this program contributes to restoring the innate ability of the body to maintain steadiness at every stride.

Why Do You Have Trouble Falling and Tripping?

In order to grasp the persistent struggle faced by consumers with their balance, the creators of Neuro-Balance Therapy elucidate that this predicament is unrelated to the individual’s age or a general deceleration in their physical capabilities. Rather, they posit that the underlying cause of these difficulties lies in a dormant nerve within the foot that fails to maintain its requisite alertness.

Remarkably, this particular nerve emerges as the chief culprit responsible for a staggering number of over 28,000 trips each year. Consequently, individuals who frequently traverse various terrains are disproportionately susceptible to experiencing such nerve-related complications, significantly elevating their risk of sustaining severe injuries. Fortunately, an effective remedy exists in the form of a simple technique that can be effortlessly performed in the comfort of one’s home.

Regrettably, some individuals erroneously attempt to address this issue using unsuitable tools. Engaging in balance exercises or relying on stability balls, while beneficial for core strength, regrettably fails to resolve the underlying problem. In fact, those who embark upon such endeavors without pursuing a comprehensive approach to bolstering stability run the risk of destabilizing the tendons and ligaments in their ankles, thereby exposing themselves to considerable hazards. Similarly, others may mistakenly believe that alternative footwear holds the key to rectifying the issue. However, it is imperative to recognize that the shoes themselves do not bear responsibility for the problem. In fact, the shoes one chooses could potentially exacerbate the foot-related dilemma, impeding the individual’s ability to perceive when corrective action is required.

How Does Neuro-Balance Therapy Works

Uncover the remedy to the predicaments associated with aging and issues of mobility through the pioneering Neuro-Balance Therapy program. Painstakingly crafted with the explicit intention of assisting individuals confronted by these hurdles, this extraordinary program empowers you to assume command within the confines of your abode.

At its core, Neuro-Balance Therapy leverages the intricate science behind the nerves responsible for foot movement. The key player in this process is the Peroneal Nerve, nestled within the foot. This nerve serves as the catalyst, igniting the muscles in your feet, ankles, and lower leg.

However, research indicates that as we age, especially beyond 60 years old, many individuals encounter a myriad of issues: difficulty walking, compromised stability, and the inability to keep their legs steady, among others. The culprit? The gradual deterioration and malfunctioning of the peroneal nerves.

Enter Neuro-Balance Therapy, an innovative program meticulously designed to reactivate and revitalize this critical nerve through a carefully crafted series of exercises tailored to various proficiency levels, ranging from beginners to advanced participants.

What makes this program truly exceptional is the utilization of a specially designed rubber ball, meticulously crafted for this purpose. Adorned with strategically placed spikes, this remarkable tool works wonders by stimulating and rejuvenating the peroneal nerve, effectively restoring balance and stability for individuals of all backgrounds.

Don’t let aging and mobility concerns hinder your independence and quality of life. Unlock the potential of Neuro-Balance Therapy and reclaim your equilibrium. Embrace the transformative exercises and the power of the spike ball, and embark on a journey toward renewed confidence and restored harmony in your daily movements.

Chris Wilson, Who is He?

Neuro-Balance Therapy was conceived by an individual named Chris Wilson, who possesses distinguished credentials as a Certified Balance Specialist. Chris’s expertise in Balance & Stability Instruction is officially recognized by the American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA), underscoring his authentic qualifications in this field.

Having provided hands-on treatment to numerous clients seeking balance enhancement, alongside catering to the needs of countless virtual balance clients, Chris has harnessed his extensive experience to curate the comprehensive Neuro-Balance Therapy program. This program, a culmination of his invaluable treatment insights, is now readily accessible for individuals seeking to restore their equilibrium.

Chris, a resident of Florida, has been married for a span of 15 years, demonstrating unwavering commitment to his marital partnership. As a dedicated parent, he nurtures and guides his two children with utmost care. In his professional capacity, Chris serves with diligence and dedication at the esteemed Punta Gorda Club, providing compassionate care to individuals contending with the complexities of balance-related issues.

Neuro Balance Program Benefits

Neuro-Balance Therapy reviews on the official website validate the claims made by the creators, attesting to its benefits for individuals of all ages.

Improved Physical and Mental Balance:

Unleash the transformative potential of these exhilarating exercises and the ingeniously crafted ball, as they synergistically rouse your dormant nerve endings, infuse boundless vitality into your feet and toes, and unlock a realm of unparalleled agility. Embark on a journey towards unrivaled balance mastery that transcends the constraints of varied terrains. Prepare to conquer new heights of stability and grace.

Increases Confidence:

Embrace the freedom of effortless walking, where even minor slips and challenging terrains no longer pose a threat. Liberate yourself from the confines of your bed and venture out with renewed vigor. Experience the profound impact on your mental well-being as newfound confidence surges through your veins. Unlock the gateway to enhanced mental health, allowing yourself to embrace life’s opportunities with unwavering assurance.

You Are Given More Strength:

Unleash the power of the bonus products coupled with this transformative therapy, and witness a remarkable transformation in your leg muscles. Feel a surge of strength coursing through your entire being, empowering you to walk and navigate stairs with unparalleled efficiency. Embrace the freedom of enhanced mobility and experience the joy of effortless movement like never before. Elevate your physical prowess to new heights, leaving no obstacle too daunting to conquer.


  • Experience the viability of a succinct 10-second activity routine that utilizes an extensive strategy to encourage muscle improvement and work with nerve reclamation.
  • Obtain comprehensive guidance on the meticulous process of peroneal nerve repair through detailed instructions.
  • No specific equipment is required.
  • The comprehensive video curriculum presents a cost-effective alternative to engaging the services of an expert while delivering superior performance at a nominal expense. Nonetheless, it is important to note that commensurate benefits and outcomes can be attained through appropriate medical care.
  • This activity can be performed in both professional and domestic settings, boasting a straightforward nature that lends itself to ease of execution.


  • only obtainable through the website for Neuro-Balance Therapy
  • used only digitally

Neuro-Balance Therapy Program Components

The Manual

Discover the invaluable treasure trove that is the handbook, meticulously crafted to empower you with knowledge of paramount importance. Delve into its pages to unravel the significance of balance, gain profound insights into the intricate workings of the body’s balance system, and unlock the profound interplay between mind and body.

Embark on a journey through its chapters to uncover the perils of neuropathy and unveil the secrets of effectively stimulating the body’s balance nerve. Prepare yourself for a wealth of wisdom as the handbook explores the multifaceted realm of fall prevention, illuminating the key risk factors and providing indispensable guidance. Moreover, it reveals invaluable strategies to enhance balance even in the face of limited mobility, empowering you to transcend obstacles and embrace a life of stability. Embrace the bountiful rewards that await those who embrace the practice of regular balance exercises, as the handbook illuminates their transformative benefits.

The Exercise Manual

The Exercise Guidebook provides comprehensive guidance on improving balance and preventing falls within the Neuro-Balance Therapy program. It outlines the program’s objectives, parameters, and detailed Balance Mastery Routines.

Each routine is accompanied by illustrated instructions and photos, while the book also includes a glossary of balance exercises with clear illustrations and descriptions. This enables individuals to easily select appropriate exercises based on their current level and abilities.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy Program comprises three video routines, progressing from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. The beginner video introduces basic exercises that gradually advance in difficulty. The program offers flexibility, allowing individuals to customize their exercise selection and adjust the difficulty level according to their needs.


Upon completion of your purchase, the DVD version of the program will be promptly dispatched to your doorstep, granting you exclusive access to a treasure trove of transformative content. Within these captivating videos, you will unlock a diverse array of exercises and meticulously choreographed sequential movements specifically designed to awaken the dormant peroneal nerves. As the very essence of stability surges through your feet, you shall witness a remarkable enhancement in your mobility, empowering you to traverse life’s paths with renewed confidence. With exercises meticulously tailored for individuals of all proficiency levels, be it beginners, intermediates, or advanced practitioners, you shall find your perfect trajectory towards balance mastery.

Spike Ball

Embrace the extraordinary benefits of the spike ball, an exclusive inclusion that awaits you solely with the acquisition of the physical version of the program. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this ingeniously designed ball possesses the power to rouse the slumbering nerves nestled within the depths of your feet. Carefully embedded within its structure are a precise multitude of spikes, each strategically positioned to deliver targeted stimulation to the nerve pathways that underpin the delicate art of balance. Embrace the profound strengthening and fortification of your nerves, as this extraordinary tool empowers you to seize control of each and every step, unveiling a world of unparalleled stability and grace.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review components

Price of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program 

Unlock the transformative power of the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program, available exclusively on the official product website. Gain instant access to the comprehensive digital program, carefully crafted to empower you on your journey to enhanced balance and vitality.

By making a financial commitment to the program, you will gain unrestricted access to the comprehensive array of materials and valuable supplementary offerings. Furthermore, you will benefit from the reassurance and tranquility that accompanies our generous 60-day money-back guarantee. Rest assured, our unwavering dedication to your contentment is fortified by our confidence in the efficacy of our program.

To tailor your investment to your individual requirements, we offer an assortment of compelling package options. Choose wisely from the following selections, ensuring that you find the ideal fit for your specific needs and aspirations:

  • $37 gets you a digital version of the Neuro-Balance Therapy program plus two free bonuses.
  • For $47 (plus shipping), you may get the digital version of the Neuro-Balance Therapy program, a physical DVD, one spike ball, and two free bonuses.

Bonuses of Neuro-Balance Therapy

Top 20 Advice to Prepare Your Home for Fall

This comprehensive book provides valuable insights and actionable advice on fortifying the safety and security of your residence against the risks of falls. Within its contents, you will find a meticulously crafted 20-item checklist, meticulously designed to ensure the utmost safety and security within your home environment. By delving into this resource, you will uncover foolproof methodologies aimed at augmenting safety and security, effectively dispelling any apprehensions that may impede your ability to enjoy a worry-free existence within the confines of your own abode. The revelations contained within this resource often astound readers, revealing the potential hazards lurking within seemingly innocuous domestic spaces, while simultaneously illuminating the simplicity and efficacy of safeguarding your household.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Downloadable Version

Each acquisition of the Neuro-Balance Therapy program entitles the purchaser to a comprehensive ensemble comprising both physical and digital formats. The physical components encompass a DVD and a book, affording users the convenience of engaging with the program within the comforts of their own abode. Simultaneously, the digital version can be effortlessly downloaded onto a myriad of devices, including tablets, computers, phones, and other compatible platforms, thereby enabling seamless access to the program while on the move. With this program, individuals are presented with a diverse array of choices, ensuring that their preferred learning modality, be it through tangible books and DVDs or digital resources, is accommodated.

Final Verdict

Upon a thorough review of the Neuro-Balance Therapy, our editorial team has developed a profound admiration for the concept of balance-strength training, an exercise regimen aimed at fortifying the crucial muscles responsible for maintaining upright posture. The program’s ingenuity lies in Chris’s deliberate emphasis on a pivotal nerve originating from the sciatic nerve and extending down the anterior and lateral aspects of the legs, ultimately reaching the feet. Chris’s profound knowledge of human anatomy, coupled with his extensive background as a personal trainer and balance specialist, has undoubtedly contributed to the program’s commendable design.

With each purchase, individuals receive not only an instructional DVD series for guided exercise sessions but also a wealth of educational material pertaining to our nerves and establishing a profound mind-body connection. The meticulous attention to detail and concise instructions provided in the program are unmistakably user-friendly. Furthermore, to instill confidence in prospective users, Chris and his team extend a generous money-back guarantee, affording individuals the opportunity to explore the program without any apprehension regarding their financial investment.